Perubahan Ekonomi dan Perkembangan Peradaban Islam di Palembang Abad XVII – XIX M: Telaah atas Naskahnaskah Kontrak Sultan Palembang

Endang Rochmiatun


This paper concerns on the relationship between the changing and development of economy during the Palembang’s Sultanate, especially in the era of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I (1724-1757) and the development of Islamic civilization. The objectives of this essay are to answer these questions; what economic sectors are that give benefits to the Sultan, so that he was able to expand the civilization? How are the Sultan of Palembang’s strategies to make economic advancement which affected to the development of Islamic civilization in Palembang. Finding of this research shows that the “pepper” from the headwaters area was an important commodity that played as the main source of income for sultanate. Another primary source of revenue came from “tin” which was from its colony named Bangka. Sultan of Palembang operated two contradict businesses at the same time; the first, he did a legal business with his protector namely VOC. On the other hand, he also traded tin in the black market in order to gain the redemption benefits.
Furthermore, he also sold other goods which were actually prohibited by VOC, this aimed to finance the tin mining. The profits of trading on tin brought prosperity to Palembang Sultanate and advancement in civilization, for instance Sultan build vehicle and several Islamic institutions.


Palembang Sultanate, Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin, VOC, pepper, tin

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