Vol 3, No 2 (2014)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31291/hn.v3i2

Table of Contents


Modern Gnostics: The Pursuit of the Sacred in Indonesian Islam PDF
Joel S. Kahn 171-194
Sayyid: “The Stranger King”, Religion and Tradition the Case of Cikoang PDF
Muhamad Hisyam 195-210
Tafsir Al-Mishbah in the Frame Work of Indonesian Golden Triangle Tafsirs: A Review on the Correlation Study (Munasabah) of Qur’an PDF
Hasani Ahmad Said 211-232
Balinese Minority Versus Sasak Majority: Managing Ethno-Religious Diversity and Disputes in Western Lombok PDF
Erni Budiwanti 233-250
Maintaining Cultural Heritage of Nusantara and its Relations to the World Heritage PDF
Lukmanul Hakim 251-270
The Early Development of Sunnism and its Relation with Javanese Sufis PDF
Abd. Rachman Mas'ud 271-292
Dialetic Between Islamic Law and Adat Law in the Nusantara: A Reinterpretation of the Terengganu Inscription in the 14th Century PDF
Ayang Utriza Yakin 293-312
Asy Syaikh Mutawwalli asy Sya'rawi wa Afkaruhu haula Ayat al Jilbabi fi Tafsirihi al Ma'rufi wa Atsarihi fi Indunisia PDF
Zainal Arifin 313-326

Book Review

Understanding Marital Disputes Management in Religious Office and Syariah Court in Malaysia PDF
Zakiyah Zakiyah 327-350